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At Anahgem, we are focused on bringing natural artistry from outdoors to indoors by capturing natural elements in our pictures. By following the concept "What you see is what you feel", we try to access the human heart directly through visual emotions. We strongly believe that nature's vibrant palette and the unique designing concept are highly capable to bring joy in any aspect of life and that's why we are committed to filling any wall of your home or office with our creative photographs. 

Visit our gallery to explore the range of our visual art to beautify your walls or to gift your family and friends.

We are open to collaborate with Interior Designers, Art Societies, Advertising agencies, and Wholesalers.

Message from Photographer

I am an Indian born & Melbourne based visual artist who loves to capture every moment of life in action. I love to encapsulate beautiful shades of different seasons, nature, shades of landscapes, and wildlife.


As a child, I always wondered about nature and wildlife around me, slowly that curiosity converted into art.  My artwork shares different shades of flora and fauna with special focus on lovely flowers, colorful birds and wild animals in their natural habitat.


I started photography as a hobby back in 2013 when received a Nikon DSLR camera as a gift from my husband and the journey started.


For me, photography is no more just a hobby, it’s a passion that I live to show others what my little eyes find fascinating.

Don’t miss to glance my portfolio, track my life capturing journeys and own my limited edition of stunning visual artifacts.


Being aware of my social responsibility, part of the profit from my artwork sales is contributed to selected charity organizations.

- Meghana 

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